Little Legal Aliens 

The Milne Family are a cultural melting pot. I am the granddaughter of a Ukrainian Refugee, #MJM is Eurasian with Dutch, Scottish and Malaysian roots and we have two Singapore born sons. We all have British passports, but for now and the foreseeable future, are living in Singapore. When we fly to the UK to… Continue reading Little Legal Aliens 

There were three in the bed.

My Names Nichole and I’m a bedsharer… and not with my husband (currently). I have lost my blogging mojo as of late, and while drafted many, finished none. But in recent weeks, had three different friends give me sheepish comments, cautiously admitting they have their babies in their beds too. Comments made with trepidation and… Continue reading There were three in the bed.

The Woman Behind The Woman

A few years ago, I read an article in The Economist, about the women behind the woman. Sadly no amount of googling can find it, so today I’m telling my version of the story. #MJM said the other day, he felt there was ‘an elephant in the room’ whenever he read one of my blog… Continue reading The Woman Behind The Woman