The Perks of Werk


I’m not sure how I feel about being a working mum sometimes. There are days when I love work and skip around on a cloud of child free excitement, and then there are days when I wallow in mummy guilt, miss the boys terribly, send endless messages to see how they are, and request hundreds of photos, which just make me feel worse that I’m not with them. However it is what it is, as I do work, (more importantly I really enjoy my job and work for a great company, which makes it easy for me to do both), and so I do what I can, to make the most of it.

In making the most of it, I have found some great perks! So here we go…

It’s really nice wearing “grown up clothes”. These are clothes that you couldn’t wear in a soft play, or provide “easy access” for #ARWM when he’s hungry. They aren’t covered in bodily fluids and most of them don’t even go in the washing machine! (“Dry clean only” equals fancy in my eyes; glass half full here). The only important thing to remember, is that you need to ensure once you put them on in the morning, you do not, under any circumstances, come into contact with a child. “Grown up clothes”, in the presence of tiny humans, especially male tiny humans it seems, tend to attract toast, snot, crayons and things I would rather not mention, to appear in large quantities, all over you.

Hot beverages are consumed hot; I am grateful that living on the equator, means it takes longer for my tea to cool down, however all parents know cold tea is just par for the course. You leave it on the side just long enough for it to not scold a child if it fell on them, yet then you only manage 3 sips at the most, before its stone cold! You boil the kettle, make another cup only for the whole process to repeat again. Yet when you are in an office, you can make hot drinks AND drink them hot AND do this as many times a day as you want! Luxurious to say the least.

Dates with the hubby. Conveniently #MJMs office is the road behind mine, which means we can have dates. Breakfast dates, lunch dates, catch the bus together dates, (OK that one was too far but you get the drift). Evenings tend to be hectic in the Milne household, as we try and squeeze in a fun activity or two, witching hour, food, bath, stories, bed etc.  But we’ve found catching up for lunch at the new Poke or Pasta joint down the road, or a Starbucks fix in the morning wins every time. Obviously we almost exclusively talk about #SHJM and #ARWM, but we can do so in uninterrupted bliss and without yawning constantly as we would at the end of the day.

Lunch dates have also expanded to friends. My children are at an age and quantity now where if they are with me and at least one is awake, there is no chance I can have a conversation. So mid week lunches for friends who work nearby are great. We spend a blissful hour, pretending to the cool young people at the surrounding tables that we don’t have children and are as cool and child-free as them. (Only to obviously talk about our children constantly in hushed tones in case they hear us). Even better if you can meet friends who don’t work. Give a mum who doesn’t work the opportunity to come into town and meet you for a child free lunch is like asking a child if they want to watch another episode of Peppa Pig. They are so grateful of the opportunity to wear “grown up clothes” for a few hours, have a hot coffee and read their phone in peace in the cab/train on the way, that meet ups soon become as regular as childcare arrangements permit.

The main perk that working gives, is it recharges me. It gives me time in the day where I am only “me”, not a wife, a mother and employee. I have found for me the way I recharge as a mother is by being me if only for a few minutes. Even if that time is listening to a Desert Island Disks podcast on the bus home, or walking to get a sandwich at lunch. It gives me time in the day when I am not answerable to one of my boys or my boss. Although my boss is a lot less demanding and more reasonable than a baby, toddler or even husband (sorry #MJM).

Working isn’t for everyone, just as being a stay at home mum isn’t for everyone. Yet both camps will have a love/hate relationship with their situation. So I urge others to do as I have and look at the “perks of your werk” whether that be inside or outside of the home as our glasses really are half full.

Mummy Milne xx

8 thoughts on “The Perks of Werk

  1. Love the ex-pat mummy blog Nichole! Can’t wait to get back into ‘werk’ one day and consume hot beverages in a clean frock! Sounds like heaven. I’ve always looked forward to the idea of a (nice long) commute too, head phones on… and breathe. So very true that our glasses (and tea cups) really are half full. ❤️


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