Medicinal Me Time

In the last, nearly six months, since #ARWM came along, I have found ‘me time’ swapped from being a luxury, to a necessity. It became medicinal, and something essential to get through the week, and survive the chaos of life as a full time working mum of two. I have spoken before in the Perks of… Continue reading Medicinal Me Time

My Top Three “Comedy Gold” Breastfeeding Moments

In honour of World Breastfeeding Week I thought I would write a slightly alternatively post on breastfeeding. With #SHJM I fed him until he was one, with #ARWM we are going strong at four months so hoping to get somewhere similar. Along the way we have had some pretty cringe-y and “comedy gold” moments that… Continue reading My Top Three “Comedy Gold” Breastfeeding Moments